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Welcome to the Home Page of
Iglesia Palabra de Fe!
A Community Church
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Thanks for visiting us!
We are a faith-oriented Charismatic Christian church located in Sarasota, Florida. We are bilingual (English translation is always available), and as a young congregation we minister to the entire family. Because we are bilingual we are able to minister in the Hispanic community to families where some members are more comfortable in English while others in Spanish, such as in the cases of mixed marriages or families with kids who have grown up in the U.S. We love the Word of God and always give the Spirit of God place in our ministry. Pastor Peter is North American and is a '91 graduate of Kenneth E. Hagin's Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. Pastora Rocío is Peruvian-born, a U.S. citizen, and is an '89 graduate of C.E.B. "La Palabra de Fe" (Bible Training Center) in Lima, which is now officially RHEMA Peru. For more about Iglesia Palabra de Fe press here.

We are located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, where we enjoy gorgeous white sandy gulf beaches and many features that draw folks from all over the world. Still, we find that people are people, and have the same spiritual needs as anywhere else. There is much ministry to do here. For more information about our corner of paradise, you may want to click here. If you want to minister to the need, come out to the streets of the community with us!

We meet each Sunday morning with two services at 11:00 a.m. We have Grupos de Vida (Life Groups) in homes during the week. We also have other activities periodically including special prayer meetings, worship nights, ladies group, mens group, youth ministry, and more! If you don't find the information you need here on the Website, please call for details at (941) 355-4618 or write through this link. We hope to see you soon!

We offer a selection of Family Home Groups that are open to all.
We also have regular activities for Men, Ladies, and Marrieds. 
For more information please call the office at (941) 355-4618 or go here

Note: Due to interpreter availablity, some groups are only in Spanish, while others are English and Spanish.

Most messages are in Spanish until we can figure out how to add translation. They will be noted if they are bilingual.

Read the Bible! Have you ever read the entire Bible? A surprising number of Christians have never read the Bible from cover to cover. It's God's inspired Word to us yet we often don't take a few minutes a day to listen. Take the Bible Challenge! Read it cover to cover at least once. You'll find that you will want to read it again and again.
Don't think you can do it? It only takes about 15 minutes per day...Go ahead! I dare you! Download a great printable Bible Reading plan here.
If you prefer to read the Bible on the Internet, you may want to go to Bible Gateway and read there, selecting the Bible version you prefer. You may also want to check out for Computer/Phone apps to read and study the Word.
¡Jesus is Lord!

Tithes and Offerings Portal
We believe what God has said about Seedtime and Harvest (Gen 8) and Divine Prosperity (Ps 35:27, 2 Cor 8-9, 3 Jn 2). We are a congregation of givers, made in God's own image (Gen 1:26-27), and we trust the Lord to provide for all our needs and gives us an abundance for every good work (2 Cor 9:6-8). Therefore, we choose to honor the Lord with our Tithes(10% of our increase) and Offerings (free will), as well as giving alms to the needy (Pr 19:17). In that pursuit, we offer this link below for those members or others who would like to present their tithes or offerings electronically. Thanks for partnering with the Lord to build His Kingdom with us! We are people with a great purpose!

To present your Tithes and Offerings, head over here....


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